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Straycat Excavation

Site Cuts, Bulk Excavation, Detail Excavation, Retaining Walls, Site Removal etc.

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Straycat Excavation provides a full selection of excavation services at project sites in Epping, Bundoora and Greensborough. We are experts in start-to-finish site prep services for construction projects of all shapes and sizes. We also perform subsurface utility mapping to support civil design and the removal, reroute or installation of utilities.

Our team also manages the details, such as traffic control and maintaining a safe and clean site.

Why Hire Straycat Excavator?

Straycat Excavation Contractors mainly clear and dig land for building construction. Activities include drilling shafts, foundation digging and drilling and grading. The excavation work performed includes Epping, Bundoora and Greensborough, additions, alterations and repairs both commercial and residential. Many excavators often clear snow commercially in the winter as well.

The Services offered by most excavators throughout Sydney:

  • Earthmoving
  • Foundation Digging
  • Trenching
  • Nonbuilding construction excavation
  • Ground de-watering
  • Land clearing
  • Leveling and grading
  • Debris Removal
  • Drilling of shafts
  • Snow Removal

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